The 7 week Embodied Feminine Wisdom & Leadership course

You deserve to be seen… to be really seen, loved and appreciated for who you are.

  • If there ever was a time for a woman to show up for herself and take ownership of her life by intentionally living her truth, it is now!
  • If there ever was a time for a woman to know how worthy she is and that she is enough, it is now!
  • If there ever was a time for a woman to tap into her creative energy, and daily create the life of her dreams, it is now!
  • If there ever was a time for a woman to choose a different narrative for her life, to engage with her triggers, be vulnerable about her shame, integrate her shadows and release the programming that no longer serves her, it is now.
  • If there ever was a time for a woman to embody her innate wisdom and leadership, it is now.
  • If there ever was a time for a woman to speak her truth and let herself be seen…It is NOW
  • If there ever was a time for a woman to create sacred boundaries in her life to protect her truth, her joy & her energy …IT IS NOW.
You are what you have been waiting for.

You no longer have to look outside of yourself for the answers… all you need to do is to turn inward towards the wisdom you have beating inside of you right now.

We are conditioned to believe, from an early age that we should fit the mould of the institutions that govern us. Feeling safe and connected is 2 of our core needs for survival as an individual – if we do not find that safety, connection and self-acceptance within ourselves, if we are made to believe that we cannot trust our own truth, we will seek it outside of us in our relationships, titles, things etc. and be constantly disappointed because our joy was never meant to come from somewhere outside of us – our joy, that wholesome life giving light, burns inside of us.

It may feel like that light has died … but believe me, no matter how dark it gets, that spark, that life force is waiting for your inward gaze to light up and show herself.

During the 7 week EFWL course, Tiana will guide you through a life enriching process where you will reconnecting to your deepest truth and regaining new confidence to show up as the truest expression of who you are from a place of inner joy.

This course will run from Tuesday 30 June until Sunday 30 August 2020

What will you receive:

Private online access to weekly modules (one module released every week x 7)

Access to the Private Facebook group for sharing and connection and to ask questions and receive guidance from Tiana directly.

Weekly live Facebook group coaching call x 7

Daily 15 minute morning meditation live on FaceBook during the 7 weeks

Weekly worksheet with journal prompts and tasks to bring you into alignment with your truth

Tiana will walk this journey with you from start to finish and make sure you work through anything that stands in the way of your joy.

She will be involved in your personal process keeping each and every single women accountable daily through her loving but firm support and guidance. She wants to see you love yourself completely, express yourself fully and own your truth deeply!

Tiana wants to help you to bring mind, heart, body and soul back into alignment so that you can be the authentic full expression of who you are and the embodied feminine leader you are created to be. You will receive everything you need to reconnect to your truth and applicable steps to guide you through each day to incorporate what you are learning so that it creates a firm foundation for joy in your life!

The 7 week Embodied Feminine Wisdom

& Leadership course


* The total cost of R3800 R1800 includes all of the above.

Registration is now open. Anyone who registers before the 3rd of July will also have access to the full-moon and cacao ceremony on the 5th of July in the private Facebook group. 

The course will officially start on the 9th of July.

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