I am Tiana, an Intuitive

Joy Self-Worth Coach

My biggest passion is to help women embody their dreams & joyful leadership on this planet.

My intention is to always inspire and lead with love and to teach women how to Protect their Joy

What you can expect:

Throughout my coaching i help women to trust themselves and reconnect with:

  • The wisdom of their body & natural cycle
  • Their intrinsic joy & intuition
  • New life giving habits
  • Their creative power & their dreams
  • A deep unshakable sense of self love & self worth
  • A life giving plan of action and clarity to bring their dreams down from heaven and manifest it here on earth
  • An authentic and unapologetic self expression
  • The confidence to show up for themselves and take up space with clear boundaries in place
  • The power of resilience to help them stay on course
  • 1:1 Support & guidance all the way through the process

The world needs who we are. Its time that we spread our wings and soar so that we can rise above old narratives that no longer serve or honor our wildly creative and intuitive essence.

As we start to make room for our authentic self expression, we realize that we all have a very clear message that the world is longing for.

You already have all you need in your heart and soul in this moment and my job, as your coach, is to create the energetic incubator of the frequency that you are working to more fully step into.

If you have a burning desire inside of you calling you to rise and expand into more authenticity, connect with me and lets work together to help you manifest your dreams. I’m excited to meet you and to see your light shine bright.

About Protect My Joy

On a hot day in June 2015, I found myself barefoot in a maroon robe, shaking it off Taylor Swift style to a Kundalini shake Meditation at the Osho Meditation Centre in Pune, India. During this session, Protect My Joy arrived in my heart.

Every word filtered through the very fibre of my being: “Protect My Joy that is IN you”. God was telling me that His/Her joy is IN me and its my responsibility to protect it. I understood then that my Joy isnt running around outside of my body in people and things, but its inside of me, where its always been.

Work with Tiana

OPTION 1 / 1:1 Coaching Package / 5 Consecutive Sessions

( R4800 / $350 USD paid upfront )

Whats included:

4 x 1 hour sessions with Tiana
– one session per week / consecutive weeks

1 x Quantum Integration Technique
– one session in the 5th and final week

Daily 1:1 check ins to assist you stay on course
– every morning and evening for 28 days via whatsapp or Telegram message with specific prompts to assist your process

OPTION 2 / 1:1 Coaching / Single Sessions

( R1350 / $95 USD paid upfront )

Whats included:

– 1h30 min per session

– Daily morning and evening message check ins via WhatsApp/telegram for the next 5 days after your session

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I’m excited for us to work together!