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I am Tiana, your Joy & Self-worth Coach.


I am a mom, an introvert, an empath and a visionary. Freedom is my highest value, human behaviour my greatest interest, nature my significant love, not feeling good enough my biggest teacher and ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur’ perhaps the term that best describes me. I feel deeply and care greatly. My life purpose is to inspire and lead with love. If I had one wish I would wish for women to believe that they are good enough so that we can love, care for and heal our children and our mother earth.

Throughout my life and through all my adventures over peaks and into valleys searching for my own truth, I’ve realized how vital it is for women to protect the Joy we carry inside of us. Joy is a base rhythm of a woman who lives from inside out


We have been taught to find joy, meaning, trust, worthiness and validation outside of ourselves when it’s been inside us all along. You are magnificent. You are the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. The conduit that brings heaven down to earth. You are more powerful than you can imagine in body, mind, heart and soul and there has never been a better time than now, to speak your truth- to burn so brightly that you set everything on fire in your life that no longer resonates with your truth; It is time to return home to yourself and Reclaim the thrown that is rightfully yours. To courageously step into the person that you came here to be in full authenticity.

 The world is desperate for you to fall in love with yourself again; to turn on and remember who you are; to spread your wings of worthiness, anchored deep inside your soul desires, so that you can rise and break free from the shackles of a conditioned, safe and familiar life that no longer fulfill or honor your wild, nurturing, creative and intuitive nature. As you start to allow your unique voice to speak through you, you will realize that you have a very clear message that the world is longing for. If you feel fearful, know that you are not alone. You already have all the guidance that you need in your heart and soul in this moment and my job, as your coach is to create the energetic incubator of the frequency that you are working to more fully step into.

 If you have a burning desire inside of you calling you to rise and expand into more authenticity, you are welcome to visit my ‘work with me’ page for more information on the various ways we can work together to help you manifest your dreams. I’m excited to meet you and to see your light burning bright.

About Protect My Joy

 When you Feel the voice, you know.

When the message is so profound, it can’t be heard with the ears, it can only be felt, you know that it comes from the source; the place it’s created from, deep inside of you.

On a hot day in June 2015, I found myself barefoot in a maroon robe, shaking it off Taylor Swift style to a Kundalini shake Meditation at the Osho Meditation Centre in Pune, India. During this session, Protect My Joy rose up from a depth in me that I didn’t know but that felt like home – I knew that it was God speaking up from this place inside of me. Every word filtered through the very fibre of my being: “Protect My Joy that is IN you”.

Protect My Joy tells the story of a woman who dissociated with her truth as a child so that the world would not see she isn’t good enough and reject her. Deep self-loathing numbed out with all kinds of coping mechanisms. It’s a narrative of a woman that felt unsafe in herself, disconnected and ashamed of her body, doing what she could to gain validation from the outside world just to feel that she belongs.

This story is Tiana’s story… her journey into motherhood and how in the depths of postpartum depression, she found herself; she found joy inside herself when she realised, she is good enough, she is worthy and it is safe to express who she is and who she came here to be.

She wants this freedom for every woman.
From this knowing, that you are enough, comes feeling safe. From feeling safe comes freedom. From freedom comes spaciousness that births creation. From creation come joy.
Joy is the creation of every beautiful moment through the belief that we are good enough and that it is safe and necessary to express who we are.

To work with Tiana, joy and self-worth coach, please follow this link for more information on her programs.

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